Shell Mosaic Fixing Instructions

All you need to know in order to fix and grout properly shell mosaic

Shell Mosaic is made of natural shells, coming from the wastage of both the jewelry and the food industry. The shells are farmed and then used both to produce pearls and to be served in restaurants. Therefore we are talking about a natural product. All natural products need to be treated in the correct way. As we produce mosaics from natural shells, we cannot obtain thickness more than 2mm.  This is not a problem, if you know how to install them on your walls. Shell Mosaic it is easy to install, as it is supplied mesh mounted.

The first thing to make sure, is that the walls must be even, it is not important if they are curved, as you can fix shell mosaics even on columns, but the most important thing, is that the surface of the wall is not structured nor uneven.

Next you will have to apply mosaic adhesive; you can use a trowel to apply it on the walls. According to the area you are going to cover, begin to apply adhesive in an area maximum 2 sqm ca. Once the adhesive has been applied, you can begin to fix the shell mosaic sheets. You can cut them easily if needed, both with a tile cutter, a knife or a blade disk. Make sure that you put even pressure on the sheets when placing them on the wall, so that the adhesive does not go inside the mosaic joints, otherwise you will find difficult to grout it later.

Once the adhesive has dried, you have to clean the mosaic, in order to make sure that there are no dust or adhesive residues on the surface. You can now grout them. Grout is an important element in mosaic tiles. There are several grout colors that can be used and , according to the color you use, you can change completely the final effect of your walls. Shell mosaic grout has to be fine grout with no sand, as it could scratch the high polished face of the shell mosaic. Once grouted, you need to wait for 10 to 20 minutes so that the grout dries and then you can wash the surface of the tiles with a wet sponge. Make sure you wash it completely; grout residues could be difficult to be removed once they dry.

Your shell mosaic wall is now finished and you can now appreciate the beauty of the natural shells in your house.

Cleaning Shell Mosaic Tiles

It’s very easy to clean shell mosaic tiles. Shell mosaic tiles are made from natural shells. Even though they are only 2mm thickness, they are much stronger than what it may seem. This is how you can clean every day your mosaic tiles.

In order to clean and not damage the mosaic tiles, you have to use a soft detergent. Just was them with water and soap. It’s always very important to read cleaning products labels, in order to avoid they contain either abrasive or aggressive ingredients.