glitter glass mosaic tiles

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Wide range of different glitter glass mosaic tiles

Glitter glass mosaic tiles have become very trendy in recent times. Thank to the latest technologies, we can produce several glitter mosaic tiles effects and colours. Because people like to cover large areas, we have decided to have several items in the 4mm thickness format. In this way we can reduce the cost and offer a very competitive product. We also offer them in the standard 8mm thickness, that can be cut into borders or used as columns or to cover the all walls as they match most of the ceramic tiles thickness.  We have selected a very wide range of colours for you. At Wakootiles we offer you very competitive prices  as we constantly look for the best and most competitive  suppliers. Wakootiles has been supplying products nationwide UK for the last 20 years and we keep looking for new colors and designs to follow the markets trends. Don’t hesitate to order your free sample from us now !