Mosaic Tiles, How to Chose Your Mosaics

How to Chose Mosaic Tiles

In this article, I would like to help you to chose mosaic tiles for your home.

walls tiled with mosaic tiles

First Step to Chose Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics tiles consist of  several different pieces of different materials, joint together and they have different sizes, thickness and colours.

mosaic tiles as columns and borders

To begin to chose mosaic tiles, you have to decide which size and colour you prefer. This depends on the way you are going to use your mosaic tiles. If you want to cover the complete wall, then you will have to look at the matching with the rest of the bathroom furnishing, while if you only want to create borders between the tiles, you will have to make sure that it is matching the tiles. In order to create borders, you will have to  cut the sheets according to the size of the borders you want to obtain.

Second Step to Chose Mosaic Tiles

The thickness of the mosaic tiles is very important because has to be the same or slightly less than the one of the wall tiles. If you install a mosaic tile that is thicker than your wall tile, the mosaic will come up higher than the ceramic tiles.

polished marble mosaic tile

Mosaics tiles pieces are called tesserae and they  kept together by a mesh , that is glued on the back of the sheets. Between the pieces there is a gap, called joint, that will be filled with the grout , once fixed on the wall. According to  the size of the tesserae,  you will

grouted glass mosaic tile

have more or less joints and this is another particular effect that differentiate the mosaic tiles. In fact , you can grout the joints with white grout or even with

coloured ones, and the final effect is completely different. I’ll explain the coloured grouting in a future article. Let’s begin today to look at white grouts, that are the most popular ones.

Final Step to Chose Mosaic Tiles

Once you have an idea of the colour and of the size of the tesserae, you can chose your mosaic tiles, that could be Glass, Marble, Shell, Chrome Glass and Mixed Mosaics, where several different materials are used together. Obviously each different material, gives a different effect, glossy, satin, structured, polished.

At this point you have restricted your selection and you can order some free cut pieces , to make sure that the colour that you see on the computer, is actually the one that you are looking for. We grant up to three Free Cut Pieces , that we send to you by courier FOC.

You can order now your mosaic tiles from us.

I hope this short article has been helpful for you. Please , do not hesitate to contact me, if you need more information.

Looking forward to receiving your Free Cut Samples requests

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