Shell mosaic tiles from real mother of pearl at Wakootiles online shop
Wonderful real natural shell mosaic  tiles
Shell mosaic tiles come directly from real natural mother of pearl shells. Coming from farmed shells, produced for the jewelry industry, shell factories recycle them into both necklaces, bracelets, mosaics  etc . They can be used to cover both bathrooms, showers and kitchen splashbacks .  They are natural products and they create a real mix of shine and colors. We offer them polished in several shapes. The traditional shape is the square one, but we also have available rectangular, round and the more modern hexagonal one. You can look at our Gallery and see some of the nices projects we supplied.  Shell mosaic tiles are supplied mesh mounted and therefore they are very easy to be installed. In order to make sure your mosaic is fixed and maintained properly, you can read our Fixing and Cleaning Instructions. Check our very competitive prices at Wakootiles, as we constantly look for the best and reliable suppliers.  Fashion moves continuously and we follow the trends by adding new products, colors, finishes. You can find with us all what is needed to make your home trendy.